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Our History
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In the late 1820's and early 1830's three families migrated from Leechburg (Westmoreland County), Pennsylvania, into Indiana.  They were the Clines, Klingensmiths, and Rodibaughs.  An Anthony family came in 1829, and the Coble family came up from North Carolina.  Kepple, Myers, Artman, Miller and Allshouse also came from Pennsylvania.
Although no proof can be found, it certainly seems logical that these pioneers, many of blood kin and all bound by religious ties, would quickly bind together for worship and social reasons.
Missionaries from the East found these Lutherans and in 1836 organized the Hopewell Evangelical Lutheran Church.  They were  meeting at the home of John and Susannah Klingensmith located near the southeast corner of what is now Guion Road and 62nd Street.
The Klingensmiths were strict God-fearing Lutherans who could not live long in any place without their Church, and in 1842 they deeded for $5.00 one-half acre and eight rods for the use a Lutheran meeting house and grave yard, the present site of Salem's cemetery.

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