Salem’s original carillon was donated in honor of Salem member Bart Brammer.  The original carillon had bells tolling from 9 AM to 5 PM and hymns chiming at NOON and 6 PM.  The paper roll pictured above is still cued in the machine to strike the bells.  The bells were then amplified and broadcast from the speakers in the steeple.  It also had a 16 note keyboard for the musicians to play in concert with other the members of the worship team. With the new carillon, we will bring back the hourly tolls and other special songs depending on the season. And because of newer technology, we will have better bell tones, at least 64 note keyboard, the ability to record songs, and dozens of other options to incorporate in our ministry.






Artist painting of Salem exterior
Salem Lutheran Church
4700 W. 72nd Street 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46268

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Salem Steeple June 25, 2011.
Chiming In:

To my friends in Christ at Salem,
Greetings and peace be with you. I have been tasked with selecting one of my earliest memories of the Salem Carillon. As I think back to my youth I can still remember being in awe of this amazing device. As a boy growing up in the 60s, when I was around 8 years old and before the advent of IBM PCs, gaming systems,  I-Phones, I-pads, wireless phones, and the like, I was really impressed by this machine. I can still remember thinking, “what an amazing piece of equipment this is”. It was the most high tech device ever. A little box situated in the heart of the church between the altar and the Pastors office almost as if the church itself was built around it carried such power. It was this little glass door covered, glowing, intricate thing that was capable of ringing the bells at the top of a huge steeple that seemed to reach endlessly toward the heavens. The big people warned me that if I even touched it I would be in such trouble.  Yes, I said ringing the bells. I know now that it is actually speakers, but as a child my vision was groups of beautiful majestic brass bells of all shapes and sizes situated high in the steeple anxiously waiting for commands from this magical unit to sound off and create harmonies that could be heard for miles. Why it could even tell time.  Amazing! 
Later probably around 12 years old, I can remember riding my bike up to a small New Augusta country store located on what then was a two lane country road called 71st street with nothing between Zionsville road and the store but woods and farms. I would ride to the store under a strict deadline set by my Mom with the threat of never getting to ride a bike again if I didn’t get home at the prescribed time. While in New Augusta I would listen for the Carillon to sound off on the hour.  By counting the single bell chimes and adding them up I could tell time and stay on schedule. 
These are my first memories of the Carillon I am thrilled to hear you are thinking of re-instating its magical powers. Good luck in your endeavors and I will look forward to hearing that old but familiar sound of the “bells” of New Augusta chiming proudly through the city.

From your brother in Christ,
Dave Gooderum

I moved to Pike Township in 1994. I was invited to attend Salem Lutheran after Carl Salberg cleaned my carpets. We came the next Sunday and have been here ever since. When I parked my care that Sunday, there was a beautiful chime that came out of the steeple, that seemed to say “STAY.” Over the next few years I came for children’s choir practice, I discovered the Carillon also played hymns. It was nice and peaceful when they played. I do miss them. I never got the opportunity to see Rhunell play the keyboard and would love to witness that.

Stacey Parker

I don’t remember exactly when the bell chimes were added to the New Augusta scene, sometime in the ‘60’s, I guess. The chimes were immediately recognized as a great addition to the community, striking on the hour and half-hour, from 8am to 8pm, with carillon concerts at noon and 6PM. In those days New Augusta was still very much a little village surrounded by farm fields, and the bells seemed very right. I’m sure that the clock tower also made it easier for parents to tell their sons when to be home, darn.  I have very fond memories of sitting on the Purdy girls front porch with Mary Purdy, listening to the carillon concerts. Mary was a gentle soul, and a great neighbor. I know she really enjoyed the hymns the carillon played.

Mark Patty



Music paper roll on Salem  1960 carillon
Dials on Salem  1960 carillon
The Music is Back 


We've been sharing the stories and memories of Salem's carillon chimes.  During our 175th year, we have taken on the challenge of restoring the music by installing a new carillon chimes system to our steeple. The hourly chimes and daily songs at noon and 6:00 are again reaching out to homes and businesses.  And with the addition of bells, our choir and talented musicians will reach out to the whole region with unique opportunities during both weekly services and special occasions.  The carillon will help us in our mission of reaching those who are seeking Jesus.

Salem Lutheran Church, ELCA Indianapolis